Prettyboyron - Better When (Feat. ListenToAngelo, Orion Blue, & W@tson)

September 3, 2019

 Prettyboyron blesses us with a ListenToAngelo hook and a verse each from Orion Blue & W@tson..all complimenting each other perfectly! 'Better When' is one of the truest songs we've heard in a minute because let's be honest there's just certain people in your life that you can only handle at certain times.

This song is a BIG MOOD! Whether it's a love interest or good friend you just like them "better when" you're high for whatever reason..


Turn this one to 10, hop in the whip and cruise the freeway, issa vibe like no other.

They really got a no doubter, because we can confirm there's no doubt this BUMPS!



Lyrics That Stick: 


"If it was nothin', then you wouldn't need to lie."




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November 18, 2019

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