Dax - Wack Ass Rappers 2 (Music Video)

 Dax is bringing us some major fire and keeping us intrigued in his latest music video 'Wack Ass Rappers 2' by having a big, purple booty right in our faces in the beginning of the video! If there's one true statement we can say about Dax, it's that he is very eccentric and is always catching our attention!


  During the video he's covered in purple paint and carrying around missile guns, completely losing control in the music! His eyes become electric in parts of the video and we're captured by every detail Dax puts into his videos! He mentions at the end that if he reaches 100,000 likes he'll drop part three and we're all in! Help us get Dax to drop Wack Ass Rappers 3, his complete originality and artistry within each video brings us back every time!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Hit em with a semi automatic, I'm running these niggas static."



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