Shane Moyer - It's Cool (Music Video)

 'It's Cool,' Shane Moyer's new release and music video came out and can we just say the basis behind the storyline is actually not cool at all! The video starts out with Shane and his girl in his bedroom and instantly shows clips of rewinds taking us back to the start of the story.


  They start in his kitchen making dinner and being cute, but the constant line of the chorus "you fell in love with someone new," keeps blasting and we all know just know this is going to end. It then shows her in the living room with another guy and Shane walking in heartbroken and pissed! The girl ends us packing her things and leaving as Shane tries to stop her because his love is deep enough to forgive but she leaves anyway! The end of the video is the most filamatic part as Shane stands in a dark turquoise room and you can just see the pain all over his face as the camera panes out. Even if you say 'It's Cool' sometimes, clearly it isn't.  


Lyrics That Stick:


"If you were looking through my lens you would see what I'm going through. My mind is spinning around, I don't know what I'm supposed to do."



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January 24, 2020

January 24, 2020

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