6o - Relentless EP

   6o released his latest, five song EP and we're all over it! It contains the perfect grunge feel while meshing that sweet harmonious sound! Very similar to the iconic Juice Wrld sound, 6o captures that modern vibe in each and every song! The overall emotion that pours out in his songs, gives him a sense of originalism and personalizes 6o more than other artists in his genre!


The last three songs on his EP were all solid in their own ways to us! 'Emotions!' was structured in such a unique stance that displays 6o's sound while exposing his raw vocals as well. 'You Said,' had such a beautiful instrumental right off the bat, nothing we expected from 6o. This song showed more of a slower paced, calming sense. 'Pray for Me,' has to steal the show though, the was he altered his vocals in this song displaying a more alternative sound was so dope! 6o is completely 'Relentless' and shows his strengths all over this EP, if you know what's good you'll be all over it right away!


Lyrics That Stick:


"This was never my intention, but it's the way it's gonna be."



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