Ollie - Stuck

 You know those times in life where you just feel a little 'Stuck?' Ollie hit that feeling right on the nail in his current banger and damn do we relate! He mentions the burdens of growing up and the toll it has on him when things just aren't going in the right direction.


  The guitar strum he adds to the build before the chorus excites us and amps us up to the electric hook! We love how easy it is to resonate with Ollie in this song, because a lot of people try to seem as though they have it all together and the majority of us really don't. Ollie you're preaching to the choir and can we just say you're not the only one feeling 'Stuck!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Spend my days alone, can't get off my phone. Nothing goes my way."





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January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

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