Rapta - Farewell

   Saying 'Farewell' is sad and depressing, especially the way Rapta serenades, but we can't stop vibing with this single! This song actually touched our hearts as Rapta breaks down and relinquishes the pain of having to say 'Farewell' to a girl he's not ever going to be ready to say goodbye to. He mentions that she's going to have options given her beauty and how much of a catch she is, but it's still not the right time for them.


  This has to be one, if not the most vulnerable song we've heard from Rapta, which shows his true artistry and how broad he is! The personal aspect he brought really has this effect on the way we feel as listeners. We can promise you we won't be saying 'Farewell' to Rapta, he's on the come up and not slowing down anytime soon!


Lyrics That Stick:


"You gonna run into some options girl, I just hope you keep your faith."



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November 18, 2019

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