99 Neighbors - Fuck No ft. Brasstracks & PhiloSofie

 99 Neighbors is bringing some serious jazzy vibes to their latest release and we're vibing hardcore with it! 'Fuck No' is a anthem for all those who've experienced being in love with someone who's done us so fucking wrong! The build up and flow before the chorus is very captivating and hits so hard!


  He brought in PhiloSofie and she brought forth some magic to the song, giving it that feminine, badass touch! Brasstracks also put in his verse towards the end of the song and gave it an edgy, real depth. When the outro of the song fades out, we all were feeling the victory of giving all the ones who've wronged us and came crawling back a big 'Fuck No!' so thank you 99 Neighbors!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'm doing fucking good I'm glad you asked me."



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