Mud, Johnny High & Typhoon Roulette - Freeze Frame EP

 Remember that smash hit 'Freeze Frame' by Johnny High? Well, he made a whole EP including that gem and it's an entire vibe! The EP includes six songs that Johnny High formed with Mud and Typhoon Roulette. Each song is so very different from the previous and you feel such a vast change within each. The instrumentals and sounds are the only similar aspect we found within a few of the songs as this echoing ad- lib effect that was incorporated and it gave this EP a signature!


'Love Sucks' is the first song after the intro and it's a complete move in the sense that it makes your mood better after listening to it right away. 'Dance2' and 'White Fences' had the same effect in a sense of the way the were structured containing that edge and more of a hard core feel to them! 'Freeze Frame' is put right in the middle of the EP and it's an obvious favorite, giving us that reminiscing feel when we heard it! 'Prada' was the most interesting song on the EP in the way it was formed and the layering they used throughout! 'Feel It Too' has that tropical, sunny day vibe to it that you just want to throw on to bring spirits up on a beautiful day! Overall, the 'Freeze Frame' EP is a mixed bag containing a vast amount of different sounds, songs and emotions that you all are going to be craving!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I don't know how to care about you anymore."



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December 7, 2019

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