ONE9ONE - Home

   ONE9ONE did it ya'll, they made the hit that will catch your attention and force you to give them more than a second glance. This pop, rap duo from Las Vegas is already extremely original by themselves, but after hearing 'Home' the first of three songs on their 'Anniversary- Single' we were hooked!


  The last verse had a different vocal pitch than the rest of the song and we were drawn to that as well as the uber fire instrumental! The appreciation of 'Home' which was the overall theme of this song is relatable on all levels and there was a slight Skizzy Mars touch to their sound! So, if you want to feel a piece of 'Home,' take a listen to ONE9ONE and let them take you there!


Lyrics That Stick:


"When I'm a long way from home, send a picture with a smile, because life comes and it goes."



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