Emma Steinbakken - Not Gonna Cry (Music Video)

  Ya'll ready for a superstar on the rise? Meet Emma Steinbakken a sixteen year old artist, she's absolutely killing the game. Whenever we find such young artists with such powerful and emotional works of art we're literally and figuratively dumbstruck. In her current hit 'Not Gonna Cry,' she sounds so relatable for talking about going through such a heartbreak at so young of an age, but what is age when it comes to matters of the heart? Looking at Emma we were completely taken off guard by her range and raw ump behind her voice.


  Her music video contains this element of girl power by having Emma surrounded by all her friends riding bikes and just kicking back. There was a very raw scene that showed Emma sitting against a wall and a glitter tear streak rolling down her face that caught our attention, because she repeats she 'Not Gonna Cry' for him, and then it panes later on to the boy that broke her heart with actual tears. The symbolism and originality behind this video was exceptionally made. All we have left to say is, Emma Steinbakken is a haven for the teenage girls of this generation and shows her strength in 'Not Gonna Cry!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Walking to school with a broken heart, and the jacket around my waist feels stupid."

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