Alex Jordahl - SUMMERS OVER EP

   If you haven't heard 'SUMMERS OVER' officially, and Alex Jordahl made an entire EP for us to stay distracted because everyone's favorite season is coming to an end. 'Til the Lights Go Out' is a mellow ditty Alex brought out right off the bat that expresses his energetic life and how he isn't quitting 'Til the Lights Go Out!' Jordahl's vocals are so original in the sense that they have a sort of muffled effect that adds to his appeal. 'Bad 4 You' is Jordahl's way of expressing how even if he is bad for someone and they are bad for him, the important part though, is they're only bad for each other. 'From The Jump,' expresses Jordahl's come up and were he came from to the successful top he's at now.


  He reminds us a lot of G- Eazy the way he phrases some of his words and his sound in general! 'I Really Hate When You Go' covers everything we wanted from this artist on the spectrum! It had the most energy we heard thus far from the track and a catchy AF chorus we were SO into! We're predicting this to be the song that's going to blow up and catch ears first! He ends the EP with 'Forever Yours 2' and we get this sense that this isn't Jordahl's first plea romantically within a song, his emotion shown through this song was unlike any other and we were drawn in immensely! So, 'SUMMERS OVER' kids, but Alex Jordahl's EP just dropped and we can jam out to this one all day, every day!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Summers ours, we can drop the top and wish upon the stars."



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