GOLDN - bakman ave EP


   Ever been past 'bakman ave?' We have this hunch a lot has gone down down on this street in  GOLDN's life, because he released a whole two song EP with that title! 'Dressed down' starts us off feeling like we're on a completely different planet. He brings such a sad but honest truth to being with someone while you can't help thinking of someone else. It reminded us of that same feeling we all receive when listening to the classic 'Lips Of An Angel,' and Hinder shuts it the fuck down! GOLDN clearly knows he shouldn't have his mental there, but it's the only true place where he can be happy and that's all anyone wants.


  'Hurt people' really exposes GOLDN's vocal coverage right off the bat and we're just like... damn. He seems to be warning a girl who wants to be with him about himself and he throws that familiar Russ line on there "cause hurt people just hurt more people." This felt almost as if it was a past memory before 'dressed down,' and we can sense the inside of GOLDN's mind and thought process. Whether it's 'bakman ave,' Ventura blvd or wherever you reside, show some love to our man GOLDN cause he murdered this track!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And maybe sometimes I'm thinking bout you when i'm inside, it's fucked up and it ain't right."





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