Gavin Haley - The Way I Am ft. Ella Vos

   Gavin Haley is giving us a piece of who he is in 'The Way I Am,' and going in depth with the experiences that made him the person he is today. He has Ella Vos coming in as a feature and her voice is exceptional, especially when she delicately placed the line "Wish I could take your hand, promise that I'd pull us through."


    These two go into detail with the emotions they cannot face and how hard it is for them to give their full selves, vulnerabilities and all in a relationship. Gavin started the song off with a line that spoke to us "Growing up my father told me, son you know that boys don't cry." This exposes that the things we hear and see as children shape us into who we are later on in life. The way they sang the chorus as a duet and combined both their beautiful vocals together was the best part of the song! Go hear what makes Gavin Haley the outstanding artists he is in 'The Way I Am!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Told me that you love me, but you need somebody beautiful."



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