Zoelly - Video Games (Music Video)

   Video Games can get a bit overrated, don't you think? Zoelly a fresh new artist with a bundle of talent is about to blow your mind in her latest single and music video for her bop 'Video Games.' The video starts out with Zoelly relaxing on a bed in a dark, sultry room while neon blue and violet lights create the mood. Zoelly uses the idea of playing games as a symbolic feel and play during the whole music video.


  The guy playing her is wearing a VR headset and is moving his hands on a control system which then in turn controls what she does. We love the originality and creative feel behind this music video and the line "to control me using X, Y and A, B," was such a clever twist! Zoelly then ends up smashing his control system and leaving us with "Go play those video games. Ignore me, ignore me baby," at the end.  And there's a shot of Zoelly herself with the VR headset on showing us she's now in control! So, if you want, you can go play those video games, but we're pretty positive Zoelly's not going to be joining!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I'll show you what these little games do to me."

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