Rahn Harper - Kristi

 Rahn Harper has a certain chill in his current hit 'Kristi' and he's setting things back on track! He's calling out a fan girl he believed was a real one and how she had him twirling around her finger for a moment in time. There's a certain shock factor in his voice as he states how she freezed him out and is now cocky and acting as if what they had never was!


  Rahn Harper kills us with his cleverness and the unexpected lines he puts in his music. 'Kristi' is a referring to Kristi Yamaguchi an olympic champion, figure skater, when Harper drops the line in the chorus, "got you iced out, like Kristi Yamaguchi." We have to say Harper might be the king of subtle shade in his symphonies and you're definitely going to feel the power of his ICE! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"Think it's time I throw you the deuces, you can't keep up with my pace."



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