Vaboh - Love Anxiety EP

 Ever have that 'Love Anxiety' feeling? Vaboh is experiencing that big time and we have a whole eight songs to prove it in his new EP! There's a rather bubbly, pop theme throughout that has a slight electric sound in the beat that moved us. 'My Thoughts Are Like Bullets,' is a classic at this point and the first song on the EP that you all will get 'Love Anxiety' from! The first three songs are very upbeat and ride the energetic wave for us as Vaboh let's  all the emotions and feels out.


   'Damn Girl,' brings down the energy a bit and Vaboh seems to be coming to terms with a certain girl he's been spending time with and all he can spit out is 'Damn Girl!' 'Dollhouse of Sin,' took more of the dramatic essence as Vaboh brings in a classic piano to take over and his sound comes to a mellow chill.


  This entire EP really felt as though Vaboh was coming to terms with the love he's lost, the love he craves and the anxiety he's received from this intense emotion known as LOVE! 'Serenity,' the final song featured Alec Devine and his obsessive vocals and the way these two brought their individual sounds together to mesh into this catchy jive proves why we are so drawn to music as people. Oh, you thought you were the only one experiencing 'Love Anxiety?' You thought wrong!


Lyrics That Stick:


"You and I got trust issues, we're the same. Really don't care if it's wrong, just can't wait."



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