Indii G. - I'll Wait On You

   Indii G.'s a good man ya'll, because he's the one that will Wait On You! His single 'I'll Wait On You,' is precious while also being so in depth the way he brings out the details of everything throughout the song. He has a longing heart that he is trusting the girl of his dreams with and is reassuring her at the same time that it's okay! I mean come on!


  The classic strum of the guitar in the beginning of the song gives you that familiar feeling that this song is going in the perfect direction! He's willing to take it nice and slow even though life gets lonely, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? Don't worry Indii, we're already Waiting On You to bring us more of these splendid tunes!


Lyrics That Stick:


"So don;t forget about me, not just even one time. I know one day we'll be together let the sun shine."



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