Zero 9:36 - You Will Not Be Saved EP

   Meet Zero 9:36, previously known as Zero. He is a changed artists transforming himself, his name and his music and has brought us an entire EP to show for it! The old school rock instrumentals present in this album really give the original hardcore Zero feel that we rejoice! There's such an Eminem sound to him, especially frequent during his hooks that show off his various pitches and talent. We were so moved by the guitar solo's that are amplified by the static background it creates a whole mood!


  'Anyone But Me,' changes the environment and brings us more of a slow start with a delicate presence displaying Zero's vocal gift, it quickly picks up and amplifies in the chorus and you'll find yourself moving in anticipation as it picks up! Our favorite hit 'Leave The Light On' is smack dab in the middle of 'You Will Not Be Saved,' this song we caught earlier on and is such an enticement to it when you hear Zero sing along "One day I might not make it back home sometimes..." We had to look twice throughout this EP just to make sure it was Zero the entire time because of his enormous and unexpected range, we thought it was feature. I know his EP says otherwise, but you will definitely be saved after listening to Zero 9:36!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I heard they only turn to you cause the truths played out."



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