Notifi - Collateral EP


   Notifi has built this amazing EP from what seems to be 'Collateral' damage and created such a timeless piece if we says so! We noticed Notifi's vocals are so well developed and smooth giving us that sound we look for in an artist! The instrumentals he included had a retro feel to them that he made so extremely modern by adding his vocals and harmonies structuring the songs completely! 'Honey' was the first song we noticed within that element and there's a sort of JT vibe to his sound we caught on to by the soulful lingering in the hook! 

  Within 'Won't Get Lonely,' we sensed such an old Drake sound, but Notifi shifted that sound a bit with his phrasing and it was compete! Notifi is changing the game and we are hearing this chill, pop lust within him that we see in the big artists and we just can't wait to see what he has in his future! 'Tattoos,' was such a vibe the way Notifi structured this banger it was so catchy and you find yourself singing along right away! We had to Notifi you of this EP, because 'Collateral' is something you can't go without!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Even though I hope he treats you good, I be here for the workout."



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