Astrid S - Down Low


  We definitely aren't keeping this EP on the 'Down Low!' Sorry, but Astrid S is bringing us a four song EP that is changing our whole thought process of this young artist! She's already brought us radio hits in the past, and we are guaranteeing this EP's going to have at least one song that will pop off and we'll be jamming out to it on the radio as well! 'Down Low,' the first sing on the EP is very catchy and describes Astrid starting to fall for someone that's just her type and she just can't keep it on the low anymore. The phrasing of this song is so catchy and the detail she puts into every line is ideal! Her range is shown throughout this single as well and we could sense why she choose this song as her spotlight single right away! 'Favorite Part of Me' turns the mood down a bit as Astrid describes all the many different people she encounters and how she's found her favorite part of herself! We see how people in her life have altered her perception of herself in both positive and negative ways. We love how the ending cut the piano out and the raw acapella vocals she displays shine!


  'Sidelove' is probably going to be the people's choice and ya'll will find it so enticing as soon as you hear the chorus start up! Astrid is describing being this guys 'Sidelove' and how he treats her, bringing to the light his real intentions. Every time she goes to see him he doesn't want her to stay over but wants her clothes to come off immediately. He has that very familiar habit of making her want to be with him but only allowing her to wish she could be with him emotionally. This one is such a relatable girl tune that pretty much every one can resonate with when it comes to those good ole fuck boys! The last song on the EP 'Years' presents Astrid in this struggle with being involved with someone who's in relationship, and we really see all spectrums of the type of relationships she deals with and how her heart is the pivotal point in this EP. Even though this is such a position that is looked down upon, she brings out the sympathetic side and how she understands how much hurt she can cause, but ultimately she, herself will be facing the most pain giving him up. After blasting this EP, we can promise you there's no way this EP will be on the 'Down Low,' you're going to want to share it with everyone!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Just wanted a taste, now I can't stay sober. Trying not to feel."



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