Gray - Woke Up ft. Kevin Hues

   Ever 'Woke Up' on the wrong side of the bed feeling a little down but thinking you have to prove yourself? Gray is so fresh and on the rise with his latest single 'Woke Up' featuring Kevin Hues and this artist has this IT factor to him we recognized immediately!


  This song is extremely inspirational as Gray expresses a day starting off with a negative mindset, but pushing through that and saying to yourself, "If I'm still awake then I guess I gotta chase it." The soft, gradual piano chords put the song on the right track and the hook hits each chord so eloquently! He explains how he wants to make it not because of the idea of being famous, but because he loves this passion and wants to care for his family with it! So you better get Woke and stream Gray's new banger, it's time to Wake Up!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Living everyday like, damn there's nothing stopping me."





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