LostinVegas - Born To Be On ft. Mod Sun

October 7, 2019

 Craving some Monday motivation? Don't worry, LostInVegas & Mod Sun teamed up for 'Born To Be On' that will lift your spirits up! This track is the definition of a good vibe banger as Lost and Mod trade lines on their ear worm hook. These two just ooze positive energy throughout about how they were destined for greatness since the day they were born.


  Anyone can resonate with that message because in a way we're all gonna leave our mark on this world after we're gone. Not to mention it's hard not to root for Vegas & Sun as they always show love back whenever they receive it. So put this one on repeat, do a good deed because this track was "born to be on" your playlists since the day it was made.



Lyrics That Stick: 


"I was born to live this life."



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