Anth - Medicine ft. Conor Maynard (Music Video)

   Anth is coming at us on such a personal and emotional level in his new music video for his current release 'Medicine,' featuring Conor Maynard. The beginning of the video it shows a small child with his hand on his ears trying to drown out the intense fight between his parents and then panes to a teenage boy doing the same. The high pitched, flawless vocals that Conor Maynard brings to the music video complete the intensity and sensitive feeling that goes in hand! Anth seems to be referring to one of his actual relationships in life and how toxic they has become, will the video reflects more of the child's point of view with a toxic home life from having verbally abusive parents.


  The young boys life shows the positive aspects such as his "loving" parents celebrating his birthday or the delight on christmas morning, seemingly the perfect family. While it then panes on showing the child frightened hearing the arguing between his parents late at night. The teenage boy on the other hand experiences the abuse at hand with a physically abusive, alcoholic father and you can see the fear he experiences daily! You can hear how vulnerable Anth is within this song and how much of a toll this topic has had throughout his life, which you can read in his description of the video! At the end of the video the teenage boy tries to stop his father from getting physical with his mom and ends up getting hit himself by the father which then results in him running out of the house with the keys. During this time the young boy hears his parents arguing and runs out of the house also not being able to handle it. Shockingly, boy then runs into the street and we see he then gets hit by the teenage boy driving. The ending really leaves you with this gut wrenching feeling and how the subject matter really tugs at your soul! You're going to need a heavy dosage of 'Medicine' after watching this tear jerker Anth and Conor Maynard created!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Two people picture perfect depending on how you paint it."



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