Lanz - Lakehouse EP

 Wanna meet up at the 'Lakehouse?' Lanz dropped his new album and he throws us all different sides of himself we can't even keep up with! Lanz has this almost groggy drawn out effect to his vocals that is so captivating and brings such a light to this artist! Looking at two of his songs in the beginning of the album 'Lake' compared to 'Hopes' you see such the various spectrum he brings! During 'Lake' he carries his voice in this fast paced confident rhythm. However in 'Hopes' Lanz has more of this mellow, calming sensation during the song! We were taken back not only by Lanz in 'No Regrets,' but by his feature Emily Brimlow and they seamless way they took over this song and structured it so fluidly!  


'Want It All' is such a vibe! The sleek way he carries the song without this drastic addition of a crazy music components is inspiring. 'Tell Me Why,' is very chill and contains Lanz in his feels as he brings up a girl he used to have and all the regrets he has because of this! His chorus he produced within this song is so instrumentally powered, but we love the route he went with this song as well and how well developed it was! 'Moonwalking' has that high speed energetic feel that we were all hyped up for as Lanz brings in Perxeuz and the song holds this confidence with a grunge to it! Let's all head to Lanz 'Lakehouse,' and party all night while we let this fire EP carry the night away!


Lyrics That Stick:


"They don't treat you like I treat you baby.."



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