Yo Trane - Waves In The Moonlight

   Have you ever stopped to watch the 'Waves In The Moonlight?' Yo Trane seems to have done that and his waves that he's gone through during the night produced this fire EP! 'Moonlight,' his first song is so mellow using a lot of unique sounds he incorporated throughout the song to bring the bounce behind his peaceful, effortless harmonies. Yo Trane is really zoning in on The Weeknd's sound for us as that's one of the first thing we noticed in the first song and it's a vibe! 'Ghost' took as turn as Yo Trane turned up the energy in this smash ad he refers to a girl ghosting broke guys! 'Affection' holds this R&B aspect to it that really has this sultry sound that you'll want to turn on when you're trying to set the mood!


  Yo Trane's overall theme throughout the EP is rather slow paced and hushed which relates to the 'Waves In The Moonlight' idea. He encompasses the way the waves create that peaceful aura and have calmed down from earlier in the day to soft sounds in the moonlight. 'Pullin Up' is very catchy as Trane repeats "Pullin up, I'm pullin up on you." 'Mesmerized' is probably one of the most hyped songs on the EP as his tis tone turned up a notch and Trane brings us more of this fast paced rap in his phrasing during this song! Lil Baby makes his appearance in 'Shine Like Beyoncé,' and they made this tune really shine bright by enhancing their vocals and the way they structured this banger in front of a chill beat! Move with the 'Waves In The Moonlight,' and allow Yo Trane to pull you in that direction!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Haters keep throwing shade as always, don't let your feelings get in the way."



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