Did you know, if you look to the 'Stars' you'll probably see Gianni Taylor's name up there! He's bringing out the big guns in his latest release, probably because he's on a man hunt and yelling the only name that matters up to the 'Stars!'


  This single is showing Gianni in a completely different light and we are so about this brand new flare! We sensed a tad bit of The Weeknd with some classic Michael Jackson sounds in the chorus as Gianni brings out the retro hymns! This is one tune you're going to want to turn on to rave out to or pump those spirits up! It's no secret, Gianni Taylor is a damn STARLET, it only makes sense he would release a bop about 'Stars!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"The sky is collapsing, no matter what happens. Just know that, just know that, I was there for you."



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