Kidd Doxx - L.N.C.L

October 12, 2019

 Kidd Doxx is on his Rexx Life Raj ish with his newest guitar driven single 'L.N.C.L.' We haven't heard from him in a minute but man are we impressed with this latest effort! His sound and craft have grown immensely as he seems to have hit his stride with this more mainstream sounding banger!


  Also love the message behind the title, it's definitely a motto we can get behind...laugh now cry later. Enjoy the present as much as you can now because there will always be more time to let the sadness seep in. Shout out to KD for this almost empowering track making fun of all the haters who slept on him from the jump.


Lyrics That Stick: 


"I lost it all, I got it all back."



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