Jez Dior - Handle With Care (Album Review)

   You're going to want to be careful with this one, because Jez Dior is leaving everything out there in the open! The 'Intro' completely blew us away as Jez brought out everything that has happened to him throughout his life and we are all left in awe and speechless. You learn just the amount of life this man has lived and what drives the intensity in his music and how the expression of music itself is such a dreamlike feeling. 'On My Own' including Goody Grace throughout the chorus brings this seamless allure with Goody's crisp vocals and the hard punch of every line Jez delivers. This artist is one that doesn't seem to be afraid of his vulnerable side but gravitates more towards pulling all those heavy emotions out! 'Rock Bottom' will literally Rock your world and this artists just has this shock factor within him that has you thinking you know what he'll bring to the plate but switches up every time!


  There was a soulful essence in 'Cocaine' mixed with a classic rock strum that took a hold of our emotions and drove us with the originality! Jez's range of everything he brings inside one album is limitless and you start understanding that more as you listen to each song. 'Please Don't Go' is a true mesh of his most calming sound with the magnitude and fiery brew he brings to his music. Jackson Guthy straight up brings it and starts 'Nobody Knows' with a pop, which then results in Jez showing off this easy going swag in his personality. This song was perfectly structured and it felt as though every pitch, beat and strum were touched by God himself. Now we're warning you, 'Handle With Care,' because this one's a life changer!


Lyrics That Stick:


"And I been around the world and I know the life. And your booty like a peach and I think it's getting ripe."



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