Nick Vyner - Oops

   We have someone here ya'll are going to want to meet and be so damn obsessed with after hearing his current release 'Oops!' Introducing Nick Vyner, now we can promise you the last thing you're going to think after listening to this artists is 'Oops' didn't mean to turn that one on. You're going to save this song immediately! Vyner has this unique way of building the power through his song up with the background while keeping his vocals to a nice chill and it works! We were completely enthralled!


  There's this melodic fascination the way Vyner built his chorus singing "I don't think that she's coming home tonight. I don't think she even knows my name." You find yourself needing to understand the complete storyline behind the song and will have it on repeat just to do so with the mystery that's contained! Get lost and wander into Nick Vyner's world for a few minutes, we promise you won't end up saying 'Oops' and regret it!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I spend my last wish to hurt you back, now all I see is your tears on me."



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