TGTHR - Sumbody

   We all want to be 'Sumbody' am I right? TGTHR is dealing with a spicy little lady that craves just that and will do whatever she wants to get there! The electric, fiery guitar strum in the beginning really sets the mood for this entire song and it escalates as the song progresses. 'Sumbody' revolves around this woman who is so captivating and TGTHR captures this image that she's the only one in their line of vision.


  We love how they used the "body" part of 'Sumbody' to describe the way she uses her body to draw in attention, so clever! When they broke the song down and used these hush vocals we found ourselves absorbed completely into this banger! One thing we now know is that TGTHR is definitely going to be 'Sumbody' so you better latch onto the wave quick!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Don't say that you love me. I'm striking like thunder. Don't see me, just roll through the function."



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