BabyJake - 239 (Music Video)

   Introducing BabyJake, Fort Myers native and the next Scooter Braun prodigee! On his latest single '239' he bases the music video on the Netflix series 'Narcos,' theme and we were completely drawn in. BabyJake starts the song chillin on the top floor of his beautiful, Spanish villa watching from the window as a bunch of men with assault rifles making their way to his mansion. Jake then comes down the stairs as the men start unloading, but he's seamlessly unaffected. He then proceeds to leave his home, while his girl runs after him enraged that he's leaving. We love the confidence and carefree demeanor that BabyJake holds throughout the entire video.


  As he's driving along I-95 you see all the bullet shots and blood seeping through his shirt as he notices in shock. He then stops the car finally affected by the bullets and lunges out of the car falling flat to the ground with his eyes turning completely black. Towards the end of the song he continues to call out to his Momma telling her to look at his progression and how he's made it and is healthy, which is so ironic given he dies at the end of the video. The interpretation we received from that message was that you have to really to take care of yourself through the uphill climb of an artist physically and mentally! If you still don't know BabyJake is on the high on the rise and even if you aren't from the '239,' you'll still be rolling around blasting it at the top of your lungs!


Lyrics That Stick:


"I used to take my damn time with this poetry, and smoke a fattie with my cold morning coffee."



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