Lukas James - Young

   Lukas James has graced our ears yet again and is chilled out and more on the mellow side in his current hit! Can we just stay forever 'Young?' Lukas speaks of the beauty behind the feeling of staying 'Young' and how we hold on to that with such a firm grip! He takes us back in time to the moments in life that made us feel free and to the pieces of time where are dreams were just that...dreams.


  The importance of holding on to dreams is so prevalent throughout this soothing strum of a banger and we see how it's carried Lukas in his journey! So here's to staying 'Young' and following our dreams to wherever they may lead because Lukas has shown us that in the end it pays off tremendously!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Broken guitar. These calluses on my fingers, I played till my dreams came true."



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December 7, 2019

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