Parsa - Truth Hurts Pt. 2

   The Truth Hurts a whole lot, especially in Parsa's case because he's making a part two to his already fire banger 'Truth Hurts!' He's been going through a lot of pain and we literally feel all of that transferring our way listening to this new single!   The low toned, chill instrumental he throws on behind his poetic verses are the ideal component to what makes this song so great!


  Parsa gives us a little insight on the struggle of letting his girl go because of the amount he had on his plate. This just goes to show how crazy the life of an artist can be and the sacrifices made daily because of it! The Truth definitely Hurts, but it hurts more the second time around let Parsa inform you about it!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Everything falling apart right now, guess I gotta take charge right now."



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