Elli Moore - OK

  You should never have more love for someone than the love you have for yourself, 'OK?' Elli Moore is getting our blood pumping and making our lively sides spring out with the independent, powerful essence she has on her new single!


  She is more than 'OK' leaving her lame ass boyfriend behind and doing what she actually wants to! The phrasing and carefree attitude she carries along throughout this song just goes to show the kind of woman Elli Moore is! She will not put up with anyone trying to change who she is because she loves herself way too damn much and we applaud her for it! Let's all take a page from Elli Moore's book and make self love a priority in our lives 'OK!'


Lyrics That Stick:


"Cause someday I'll love someone, like I love me. I'll have to wait a little, and that's okay with me."



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