Gavin Haley - Long Game EP

   Gavin Haley just speaks to the soul and after hearing 'Long Game' we were so pleased to hear that he had an entire EP to go along with it! You already know we're here for the 'Long Game' and when it comes to Haley we are die hard supporters! Well, with that said we can't wait to dish about this new EP and we'll start with the first song! 'Low Beams' was the perfect starter song, it had that chill, relaxing symphony to strap you in for the ride and keep you comfortable for what's to come! 'Like u for real' follows and it's just as peaceful with this unique guitar strum he incorporated throughout the entire song that keeps your attention the entire time! 'Show Me' entered and we had a fangirl moment given how much we truly love that song so dearly! There's just this essence throughout this song that feels like a cult classic anthem where we can picture an arena of people vibing to, flashlights beaming in the air!


  Obviously 'Long Game' is the star of this set and easily the most liked song on this EP and it's so easy to see why as we re- listen to this song and catch ourselves falling in the tunnel of emotions that comes with this hit! 'Scars and Tattoos' hits on a whole other level as Haley tunes into the personal aspect relating the hardships and just the experiences of this life he's experienced! We tend to veer towards slow paced emotionally driven songs in EP's and how they pull at the heartstrings and Haley relates on such a deep level! The last song on the EP left us with such a motivational message and that is one of the pivotal points Haley brings as an artist, he resonates with us! "If It Was Easy' shows just how much his hard work and drive has payed off and that if you really want something, the only way to get it is to work your ass off, ain't that the fucking truth! Gavin Haley we were here at the beginning and we'll be here until the last second of the "game", you're an inspiration to ears who need to hear what you have to say!


Lyrics That Stick:


"But I like you, yeah for real. I got plans for us for real."



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January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

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