Eli Sostre - Eros (Album Review)

   Eli Sostre may be 'Eros' the way he's bringing all this love and desire in his latest album! From the first song on his album, 'New Problems' he's delivered an entire vibe throughout his music that's more on the calming side with a slight attitude! His chorus' are the most vital parts of his song as we make our way through the album. The way he builds the song to that one moment, making you crave the hook again are signs of a true star! 'Scene' held such a fire guitar solo which actually tied in with Sostre's grungy bump he had going on in this song! 'Come Thru' had such a steady flow that gradually progressed as the song continued and really captured our attention!


   Eli Sostre really let's his instrumentals take over and be the spotlight within his songs and we appreciate the simplicity and courage he has to do that. 'Who do you Call?' contained this breezy melody throughout the hook that shined through the entire song! 'LML,' gave us more of the intense side from Eli and it's definitely one you can throw on to crank the energy up and let loose! He speaks of a woman in his life who keeps repeating that she doesn't want to leave him lonely, but at the same time he feels her intentions are off. When the EP reached 'Pressure,' featuring 451 we realized this song had to be the best for us on the playlist, the flow he used with this very somniferous instrumental was so original and 451's vocals were the perfect addition to what we believed Sostre was trying to reach! We now realize that Eli Sostre is the ultimate God of desire and relinquished just that throughout 'Eros,' so become immersed in this EP it's everything you crave!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Before I go, I hope I make some change."



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