Brendan Bennett - Black Lung

   Brendan Bennett is switching up the game in his latest music video 'Black Lung' and we are all over it! The eerie aspect throughout this video is hypnotizing and we can't seem to pull our eyes away from the screen! The overall setting throughout is dark with vivid blues and reds in different shots that capture Bennett's expressions so well and turn this video into an art piece! There's a shot in the beginning of the video where Bennett is behind a cage and he keeps repeating "I don't think that Imma last long" giving you shivers up and down your spine!


  He is enjoying life and has this carefree mentality that is honestly refreshing in a way! Bennett has this depth to his verses in a very poetic sense that has you wondering the entire video what he's really trying to portray, whether it's that he needs to become sober or is it that he simply doesn't care. There's these shots throughout the music video where he has a nose bleed and you can see him getting progressively worse until the end of the video where he starts to lose control and he eventually coughs up blood. 'Black Lung is the singular most unique song we've heard from Bennett yet and we love that he's able to pull back the layers and bring us something unexpected every time! 


Lyrics That Stick:


"Blacked out two nights straight, I need a break. But sundown comes I cop another eighth."

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