Iann Dior - Strings ft. Gunna (Music Video)

   Iann Dior released his latest single, 'Strings' music video and he's taking this one seriously! He is strung up on theatre stage like a puppet and somebody seems to be pulling all the strings to get this artists to do what they want! We love the overall theme throughout this video focusing on an array of beautiful women on stage performing in their own individual ways! We see puppeteers, ballerinas and a women in a cage that takes us back that flash back of Pinocchio trapped in Stromboli's cage in the classic disney movie.


  Both Iann Dior and Gunna have their hands attached to strings throughout the entire video, which just adds to the originality and creative aspect Dior always contains! The ballerina in the video really displays this effortless performance where she almost resembles a puppet in moments throughout! Gunna's verse just adds this spice to the song as he brings this confidence and sass within.He asserts his dominance in his verse, which in turn makes us think that those strings don't exist for him! The ending scene took a turn as the camera slowly backs up and you see both Dior and Gunna on a cardboard TV screen and you then realize two women puppeteers have been moving them the entire time. The crowd starts to stand to their feet and clap and we realize that they were the act all along! Get all tangled up in these 'Strings' as Dior takes it to a whole other level and astounds you!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Birkins and diamonds are cheap. Girl, that ain't nothing to me."

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