UPPERS & DOWNERS by MOD SUN, released on halloween and I'm sure 90% of the teenage population is doing one or the other right about now. This song makes me want to dance all night, but at the same time crawl in bed, lock my door, and tell everyone to leave me alone because i'm upset over something that happened years ago. 



  With an accompanied and incredibly crafted Music Video drop,  MOD SUN really went all out in giving the people what they have been waiting for. MOD SUN portrays in the video that there is a happy and a dark side to everyone and everything, and the key is to find a middle ground. The video shows amazing graphics depicting on one side what looks to be an overly happy ‘Joker’ like face, while on the other, his head is taken over by this dark demonic side. 



  Once MOD SUN found his middle ground his face went back to normal.This showed how everyone is different inside, but on the outside we are all the same. So on that note, Battle the demons, tell them to hit the road jack, and go check out MOD SUN’s new music video UPPERS & DOWNERS!


Lyrics That Stick:


"She Likes Uppers

I Like Downers so,

Meet in the Middle

Meet in the Middle"




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December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

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