Jutes - Sideshow

November 2, 2019

    As you listen to the song 'Sideshow' by Jutes, you can’t help but feel the raw emotion behind the song. Jutes has a powerful and melodic sound that drags the listener into the scenario he is trying to convey. When he mentions this woman being like the freaks in a sideshow, he is talking about struggling with letting go of someone he is in love with, and who isn't good for him. He goes on to say “You’re turning me into a psycho,” and the irony in this statement is that he is becoming a product of the environment he reverts back to, yet he’s trying to get away from it so he’s having manic fantasies and feeling broken.


    This is a song many can relate to with the duality of loving someone, but at the same time knowing they aren’t the best for you. He uses exceptional imagery and ambiguity by saying “You’re poison, then girl I guess I’m down to die”, then goes on to say “you’re like the freaks in the sideshow, yeah we had a run but i think it’s time we let it go” thus alluding to the listener that she is toxic to his lifestyle. The eloquence of this song doesn’t just stem from his fabulous voice, instrumental or hook that catches your attention, but his ability to incorporate lyrics with such relevance.  Make sure to keep an eye out for Jutes




Lyrics that stick:


“With you I got no hope


Without you I can’t breathe”











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December 7, 2019

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