Kro - City Of Lies

     Who wants to live in a 'City Of Lies?' We sure don't and it seems as though Kro can't handle it as well! He brings this very vulnerable and serious side within his current hit and displays how the environment you're in really takes a toll on you as a person.


    "And the city and the lies make the wrong feel right," this line is so accurate and anyone can all relate to this if you've lived in a big city that zones in on the glitz and glamour. All the primary morals or even things you never thought you think you'd do seem to change in an place where the wrong is right. The intensity throughout this song is so extremely vivid, which is such an interesting dynamic based on the depth and meaning within. Kro, there's anything but 'Lies' throughout this banger and we're absorbing all the goodness you have to offer!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Sitting on the ledge 

I might jump

Five, four, three, two, one."



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