Devin Michael - Photographs

  Devin Michael sure is setting up the scene in his latest attempt 'Photographs' and can we just say the picture is looking spectacular! He's romanticizing a lifetime filled with love and joy with his lady and is making it sound like a dream come true! Devin has this very lush sound throughout that captures your attention instantaneously. 


    The beat starts out with this gradual high powered bounce and then evens out to this serene tone with the mesh of his harmonies, it's absolute bliss! He's tempting his lady throughout the song with those in depth lyrics speaking of their future and even though he keeps telling her to "Think about it," we're convinced she's already made her mind up based on how smooth this artist truly is! Treat this song as a 'Photograph' and let it take you back to a time where things were easier and the only thing on your mind was love!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Cruisin the California coast

In a 66' convertible." 



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