Nate Good - Patience Plz

     Nate Good just dropped a serious, emotionally charged single called "Patience Plz" and it's the exact style and quality we've came to love from Good! The song is full of silky smooth vocals and subtle nods to himself and others. He starts the song off by saying "I would call into work, but I'd be dialin' myself" which is a nice little way of telling all his listeners that he's self made and has become his own boss.


    "I just need a little Patience Plz" is one of the realest hooks we've seen this year! Everyone goes through some hard times where they just need some patience and compassion and Good did a phenomenal job of encapsulating it!


Lyrics that stick:


"You get fucked up

I get bands"






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November 15, 2019

November 15, 2019

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