WaitingForPairing - You Up?

    Hey, 'You Up?' Good, because WaitingForPairing has brought us a new single you don't want to miss, so it's time to wake up and use those listening ears! Texting is hard enough to read at times, but WaitingForPairing is bringing this topic to light as he dances around this texting game with a girl he doesn't know if he can trust for sure.


    The speed of his flow is so addicting and you can't help but try to keep up with him as he sings! He mentions how all of his exes receive receipts but this girl caught his eye because she's absolutely driving him out of his mind! You're going to want to stay up for this one, we guarantee you'll be playing this on repeat all night long!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Like Maybe we'll make up

Cause we never break up

But we never go to proceed."





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