Troy Ogletree - my friends and i

     'My friends and I,' only listen to songs that make us feel a type of way, and Troy Ogletree is doing just that! Troy's friends are his life line and he makes that crystal clear in his latest single! This song captured this artists more mellow side, which is a nice change of pace compared to his more energetic banger 'Sad Songs Saved Me.'


    You know that friend group that does absolutely everything together? That's what it seems Ogletree has in his life and they're his rock. He starts every line in the hook with "my friends and I," which automatically gives us this understanding of the bond they have and how close these relationships are! Gather around a bonfire with your 'Friends' and let this song set the tone for the night and play in the background!



Lyrics That Stick:


"Let's take every minute we get

And hope that it'll never end."



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