TYLERxCORDY - Menthol & Prada

     Ohhhhhhhhh man, TYLERxCORDY has one of the most melodic and upbeat vibes we've seen in awhile! His latest song 'Menthol & Prada' shows just how captivating his skills truly are! One thing that sets TYLERxCORDY apart from his peers is the ability to have lyrics that not only sit perfectly on the beat, but also have a deeper meaning!


     If you don't already have this on your playlist it is a MUST! 'Menthol & Prada' has this hypnotic sound that makes it impossible to not listen through multiple times! This is the perfect song for any mood from driving all the way to vibing!



Lyrics that stick:


"I only care about, money, fame and my chain

because my soul's American"



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