Savannah Sgro - Friends With Your Girlfriend

      Nope, sorry but nobody wants to be 'Friends With Your Girlfriend,' well Savannah doesn't want to at least! She's bringing such an angelic presence to this single and we were so mesmerized. She's in that fragile stage of getting over a past love, while being clear that she doesn't want to be friends with his new girlfriend.


     I mean honestly, who wants to be friends with an old lovers new found love? It's heartbreaking and even the thought of it makes us cringe in grief! Savannah's vocals were honorably the most vital part of this song since it was the backbone that carried it along the entire way! The only person we want to be 'Friends' with is Savannah because her singles are gracing our lives in a major way!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Maybe I'm just being selfish

Part of me is crazy jealous 

That she gets you."



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