Trippie Redd - Love Me More (Music Video)

November 9, 2019

   Everyone's favorite out of this world rapper Trippie Redd is back with somewhat of a somber banger this time! Teaming up with natural hit beat maker, Nick Mira for another no doubt smash HIT! 'Love Me More' is about Redd falling in love with a stripper who can't commit to him (shocker right?) Due to her line of work she can't give him all her time so he's crying out for more "love" and attention from his girl. 


  The visuals match the vibe perfectly, with Trippie at one point seen inside a whirlwind which probably is some sort of symbolism for what she's putting him through. We also see him chillin' in the strip club most likely trying to win her over more, but we all know that most couples need space to grow together, right?


  In the end, we see them together on the roof top with a 360 pan that shows him alone after the camera comes back around. What if low-key the title isn't referencing about loving her more but self love because at the end of the day that's all we really have. We'll leave you with that food for thought as you watch the video for yourselves!



Lyrics That Stick: 


"I was losing myself until you lost me."




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