Zac Flewids - Bleach

     Canadian rapper Zac Flewids is a man of many talents. His newest song 'bleach' featuring Khary is a beautiful showcase of just how skilled Zac really is. We see the song starting out with a strong loving vibe with lyrics saying things like "I’m in a garden full of flowers, you’re my favorite dandelion." Although many of his songs touch on some universal ideas such as love, we see a bit of a different take on how Zac normally approaches.


     Moving down to his second verse we see Zac coming at us with remarkably quick and witty bars were accustomed to! Zac always has a cadence and flow that bullies the beat and makes his flow sit perfectly on the instrumental! After the first verse we see the subtle drift away from love and into the dirty truth that comes with it. We see lines such as "I can’t count the ways, that you make me think I used to feel love, try to wash it out with bleach." This song is so fresh and so clean, you don't even need any 'Bleach!'


Lyrics that stick:


"She gives the head when it's twilight,

I've been paralyzed by the white lines

No pussy, but god gave me nine lives,

I hit from the back and nut inside"



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