Adam Halliday - Trippin (Music Video)

     Can we admit that Adam Halliday has this undeniable allure to him? We think it might have something to do with those vocals that God has graced upon him, but my lord. His latest music video 'Trippin' shows Adam in a completely different light and really brings out his mature side in a way. It's set in a hotel room of some sort with a beautiful woman he has beside him who happens to look like she just popped out of a Vogue magazine... it's no big deal. The detail within this video is what lures you in and keeps your eyes at a steady stare on the screen.


     There's this calming presence throughout the video that truly shows that Adam is comfortable and gives us a display of the confidence this artist has on screen. After the woman finishes dressing and leaves, it then panes to another model in bed with Adam and moments later, another. And we're just not shocked at all really... I mean listen to his voice. This song contained such a captivating component to it as we really zone in one the main focus, being Adam's raw talent, his singing. We thought the journey in which this video had was rather classy and Adam was as well which just added to the overall vibe of the song, his style and the video itself. Adam may be 'Trippin' over all the beautiful ladies he has in his life, but we will forever be 'Trippin' over his vocals time after time!


Lyrics That Stick:


"Girl you're bad for my future

Too good for past."



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